Outstanding Safety & Security

Yellow Card Cleaners only clean for NDIS Participants.  When Outside Your Property our Cleaners must use our App to:

  • Access a Property Information Sheet to See Relevant Information on the Property and the Participants
  • Take a Geo-Tagged Selfie to Verify Their Identity
  • Confirm They Don’t Have Corona Virus Like Symptoms
  • Confirm Their Certifications Are Current
NDIS registered cleaners

Compliance Second to None

 All our Cleaners have:

  • Working With Children
  • Criminal History
  • Working With People With a Disability
  • NDIS Worker Orientation Module
  • COV-19 Infection Training
  • Inducted into our Policies and Procedures

NDIS Cleaning Specialists

Because we only clean properties for people under the NDIS then our team are expert NDIS Cleaners.  Not only do we use our customised app to ensure quality, we are able to upload any specific information to the property information sheet that our cleaners must check every time they arrive out the front of your property.

Our expert NDIS Cleaners can adapt the way they clean to suit your needs and your property. 

SDA Cleaners

Our expert NDIS Cleaners clean a lot of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) property.

We know the special compliance obligations that SDA providers have and have excellent software and policies and procedures to ensure the highest of compliance standards.  Your internal NDIS Compliance auditor/manager can meet with ours, audit us or have a look at our systems.

We clean a lot of SDA properties.  To ensure that we can accurately report to the provider exactly who the person was who attended the property on any particular day. We keep this information for ever. 

A lot our NDIS Participants are at home when our expert NDIS Cleaners are cleaning. 

We want our clients to like and enjoy the time our NDIS Cleaners spend with them in their homes.  

So we have photos, bios and other information to help you choose your cleaner.

Choice and Control.  You choose whatever suits your needs.

Some of Our Cleaners

You Can See Some ofour Cleaners Profiles Below.

If you would like to see all then please head on over to our cleaners page and you can see them all.